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Delight Catering & Bakery is happy is offering 15% discount on ALL our sweets.


Delight Catering & Bakery has both crunchy and soft bread to cater for everyone. Due to our strong belief in providing delicious options to everyone, we are proud to say we specialise in gluten free products and thence all breads are suitable for people with coeliac disease and other medical conditions caused by gluten intolerance. With our esteem customers in mind, we have create a range of gluten-free breads that don't compromise on flavour.

GF Brioche Bread
Gluten Free
Model: GF Brioche Bread
This Gluten-Free bread is a recreation of a traditional French sweet bread. Brioche has a unique flavour and texture, a sort of melt-in-your-mouth experience. It is delightful fresh out of the oven, as part of a sandwich, French toast or any other way you might enjoy bread...
GF White Bread
Gluten Free Hot
Model: GF White Bread
This soft and tender gluten free white bread bends and squishes and has a lovely crust...
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